The Best Types of Sex Toys That Will Empower Every Woman

Are you looking for your first toy and don’t know where to start? Many people encourage the use of adult toys because it promotes female empowerment. Plus, it allows women to explore their sexuality and experiment with various types of pleasure. So which toy should you choose first? Keep reading to learn about the best types of sex toys that will empower every woman!

Why Every Woman Should Exhibit Empowerment Even in Sexual Pleasure

When it comes to adult toys, many women might struggle to make the first step and get one. You could feel embarrassed to consider one or are perhaps worried about what your partner might think of them.

Luckily, times are changing rapidly. People are not as judgemental as they used to be. If you are considering a toy, you should know that the choice is only up to you. Nothing should stop you from exploring your sexuality and pleasure, not even yourself! Regardless of if you are fantasizing about massive dragon dildos or USB rechargeable bullet vibrators, you deserve anything that you crave!

But before we reveal the best sex toy types, we should mention that sexuality and toys are a significant aspect of women’s empowerment. Staying sex-positive and loving your body will raise your self-confidence. Women who are struggling with their orgasms are strongly advised to try toys. They can allow you to achieve much more intense orgasms and explore the nuances of your vagina. Plus, you can use them to see what type of orgasm is the one you most enjoy. If you’ve never had the opportunity to cum or even squirt from G-spot stimulation, the time is now! So let’s take a look at some of the best sex toys for women!


Firstly, dildos are often recommended as first-time toys. An excellent way to choose one is to consider what you’re going to use it for. As an example, beginners who are not so experienced with penetration will benefit from small, thin dildos and water-based lube. These toys can hit a specific spot inside your vagina and lead to intense orgasms with clitoral stimulation.

But if you are already experienced and are into the pressure created by full penetration, you should choose a bigger toy. In most cases, beginners should try a length of around four inches. Of course, if you prefer a bigger penis or toy, it’s your choice. Additionally, you don’t have to buy a dildo that resembles a real cock.

All in all, dildos can be fantastic for any type of penetration, as well as external stimulation. You can tease yourself with one during masturbation. And when you feel ready, you can slide the dildo inside and explore all sorts of sensations. Lots of women also use dildos for anal penetration or even for a simulated blowjob experience.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are quite powerful, and you can use them to pleasure your clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. Because of this, they are some of the most popular toys for women.

Namely, a rabbit vibrator often has a rotating dildo. Plus, it has a clitoral stimulator on the shaft that offers multiple vibration patterns. That way, it can suit most women’s vaginal areas and bring waves of mind-blowing pleasure.

If you’ve already tried a smaller dildo or vibrator, you should move to the next level and experiment with a rabbit vibe. Due to its size and features, it is perhaps more common for masturbation and solo use. However, you could also use it with a partner or allow them to use it on you.

Anal Plugs

While anal sex used to be a shameful kink, it has become incredibly popular in recent years. Many women have started to love it because of the wide availability of toys for anal pleasure. Butt plugs, for example, are possibly the best toy for your booty.

With a silicone or stainless steel plug, you can stretch your anal muscles gently. You can use the anal plug on its own, or you can think of it as a toy that will help you train for bigger things. Either way, a butt plug will stimulate the nerves inside your bum. You can even use it to reach anal orgasm!

Additionally, the plug will allow you to explore the wonders of your backdoor while your pussy will always be available for other things. That means you can pop the plug inside and even try double penetration with a dildo or penis.

Nipple Clamps

And if you are looking for something kinky, nipple clamps are a compact and incredibly hot toy. Clamps can put pressure on your nipples, which can suit many women who need a lot of breast stimulation to get off. You can clamp your nipples during foreplay, sex, or masturbation for an additional dose of pressure and kink.

What’s more, many clamps have a chain, rope, or even a collar attached to them. That is ideal for any girl who likes to explore BDSM.

Licking Toys

Of course, since we’re living in the future, you can also find hands-free toys that can eat you out! These are high-quality toys that replicate the licking and sucking sensations of oral sex. Many of them use air pressure to create suction. Some can also include integrated G-spot massagers as well as a remote control. What’s more, these toys are incredibly compact, and you can even use them in public if that’s your thing.


When it comes to strap-ons, they can be a highly empowering toy. They can allow you to experience the control that a man has during sex. Plus, they can bring you closer to the sensation of having a penis. That could be incredibly hot in lesbian relationships, but you can even use them in any type of relationship. You can try a strap-on on your male partner if you wish to dominate him, for example. Many sex therapists actually recommend women to try that at least once to see what it’s like to be in charge. Many strap-ons also contain internal vibrators that will stimulate your clitoris at the same time.

Kegel Balls and Yoni Eggs

Lastly, this sex toy category is incredibly popular with women. If you’ve tried Kegels before, you should explore some of these toys since they allow you to gain better control over your internal muscles. Kegel balls can stay inside your vagina for a few hours. You can wear these body-safe balls or Yoni Eggs while walking and doing daily chores. They provide a sensation that is a bit different from regular Kegels, though.

Namely, the tight muscles of your vagina will automatically grip the ball after insertion. That way, you don’t have to focus on doing Kegels. You can allow your pussy to do the work instead! Plus, you can wear these toys during anal sex or anal play for additional stimulation.

That’s It!

So which of these toys sounded the best to you? Don’t hesitate and try one out today! To make it easy for you, you may browse through for a massive selection of quality sex toys for women. Have fun, and get ready for some of your strongest orgasms ever!